Menapause and Weight Gain

Menapause and Weight Gain

Hormone can change your life and its evidence can be witnessed in the condition of menopause. Menopause is a condition when estrogen and progesterone levels fall to their lowest. Because of the reduction in hormones, a woman has to face different problems in the form of symptoms. Some of these symptoms can really be severe like hot flashes, headache, depression, etc. Amongst these symptoms, there is a symptom which not painful but extremely annoying. This symptom is about gaining excess weight because of the change in hormonal level.

Weight gain in menopause is a common symptom and the excessive fat can generally be found around waist. Before delving into the methods to control the excessive weight, it is important to mention that some physicians believe that menopause has nothing to do with weight gain. They relate the problem of weight gain to the age of women. Since metabolism of older women gets slower, so, weight tends to get increased.

On the contrary, some scientists believe that hormones do create an impact on fat distribution and that's why menopause is related to weight gain. They back their arguments by saying that progesterone is associated with metabolism rate. Since progesterone level comes down in menopause, so, metabolism rate falls as well. Well, whatever may be the reason behind the excessive fat; few options can always be used to get things under control.

Dealing with excessive weight:
In most situations, weight can be controlled by using traditional methods. It means that you must start some type of exercise to tone your body. For this, you can either start light weight training or other aerobic exercises along with swimming can work well for you.

Along with doing certain exercises, you will have to keep an eye on your diet. Without using proper and balanced diet, your dream of losing weight can never get fulfilled. Diet is extremely important because there are certain food items which can rev up your metabolism rate. A faster metabolism ensures that you donít get excessive fat.

Apart from using these two basic options, you must take some steps to deal with your stress. Stress and anxiety can make you gain more weight during the menopause. To deal with this situation, you may have to opt for alternative medicines. Some therapies like hypnotherapy, meditation or acupuncture can help a lot.

The bottom line is that there are several causes of gaining weight during menopause, but, the remedy lies in healthy lifestyle. So, change your lifestyle to cope with problems created by menopause.

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