Menapause Early Symptoms

Early Symptoms of Menapause

Menopause is a common and normal condition for women. It is a physiological process which occurs with age. Basically, this process is all about menstrual period which signifies that a woman is ready to be fertilized. An absence of this menstrual period for as long as a year represents that a woman is heading towards a condition named, menopause.

Before getting to the stage of menopause, every woman has to go through another stage known as perimenopause. Perimenopause is a situation which starts several years before getting to the stage of menopause. In perimenopause, the estrogen level starts to come down resulting in different types of symptoms which may be different for different women. Menopause is a situation where eggs are not released by ovaries and perimenopause stays until this point.

With the starting of the perimenopause, early symptoms of menopause are experienced by women. Early symptoms of menopause include the following, but, are not limited to them.

  • The process gets started with irregular periods. This is something that most women witnessed as early symptom of menopause. Although all women face this situation but some of them experience it on more regular basis with heavy bleeding.
  • Just after the starting of irregular periods, most women understand that they are heading towards the eng of their fertility. This though can create certain psychological problems like depression, stress, headache, fatigue, weak concentration, etc.
  • Along with irregular periods, most women start to experience hot flashes and night sweats. This perhaps is the most excruciating phase or symptom for most of the women as hot flashes can last for as long as five years, until and after the stage of menopause.
  • Because of hot flashes, discomfort will be at its top most level. This can lead to lack of sleep and sudden mood swing.
  • Vaginal dryness, bladder control problems, palpitation, skin transformation, gastrointestinal distress, affected memory, confusion and low energy level are some other early menopause symptoms that can change the life of a woman.
  • Some of these symptoms start to appear as soon as the first stage of menopause, i.e. perimenopause starts. But, some of these early menopause symptoms will go away with time, but, some may remain for long. Furthermore, severity of these symptoms can go up after entering the stage of menopause because of substantially reduced levels of estrogen. So, proper measures should be taken right after experiencing the first symptom of menopause or perimenopause for that matter.

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