menapause symptoms

Menapause Symptoms

Life of a woman is filled with ups and downs. It wouldn't be wrong to suggest that change is a prominent feature of a woman's life. This change can be related to emotional affairs or the physical affairs. Emotional changes occur when a woman performs a different role, i.e. the transition from a daughter to a wife to a mother etc. Physical changes however are also experienced by women as they age. One of the changes that every woman has to face is in the form of 'menapause'.

Generally, menapause occurs after the age of 40, but, there are a few exceptions as well. Some women, for instance, may experience the symptoms of menapause earlier than 40 years of age. Menapause is a complete process which starts with a state called perimenapause and ends with the stage called postmenapause. It takes years to move from perimenapause to menapause and the final stage which is known as postmenapause.

Menapause is a condition that has to be faced by every woman and you can determine whether you are heading towards this condition by keeping an eye on certain symptoms. Some of the most common menapause symptoms are listed below.

  • Because of a decline in estrogen production, hot flushes are experienced by different women.
  • With a change in estrogen level, different women can feel irregular heart beat, irritability and sudden mood swings.
  • Loss of libido is another common symptom which is because of the loss of hormones. The loss can be so intense that some women cease to have any inclination towards sex and this may be compounded another symptom, that of have a dry vagina, which might make sexual intercourse painful.
  • Excessive weight gain is another of the symptoms of menapause.
  • Strange hair growth is another symptom suggesting that estrogen level is declining in your body.
  • Difficulty in concentration, incontinence, feelings of dread, soar joints, increased tension in muscles along with tenderness in the breasts are some of the many other symptoms related to menapause.

These are few of the most common symptoms associated with menapause. Some of these symptoms start to appear just before the menapause and some show up after the stage of menapause which is considered the end of menstruation i.e. when periods stop.

Here, it is obligatory to mention that symptoms of menapause can be different for different women. Since the process can start at different ages in different women, so, severity of these symptoms may differ from woman to woman.

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